The brand Chopper Fins was created by Ludo Jossin, a now retired former professional windsurfer, back in 2012 in Tarifa. His vision is to supply the best performing windsurfing fins on the market that would suit any kind of rider, racer or board. The company’s latest blades show incredible performances around the PWA race circuit with our team using these enigmatic blue covers.

As Tarifa is one of the best laboratories to develop, test and produce these products, we constantly work on the R & D of our fins involving the best slalom riders on the scene, using innovative materials and construction techniques.

Ludo´s background as a 30 year veteran and passionate windsurfer who was a top 10 PWA rider and podium finisher, who went on to become a slalom sails developer for several years and a desire to provide a quality product with guaranteed consistency over the professionally handmade, custom built product, all made in our production plant in Tarifa. “Our products are 100% handmade and to an exacting standard and built with high performance carbon fibres/resins and coupled with high precision CNC fabricated alloy moulds designed by a windsurfing engineer.”

Beginning in 2023, Ludo Jossin hands over the reins to Phil Carbon. He’s is the founder of the renowned PC2 brand (Phil Carbon Concept), known for its high-performance windsurfing and kitesurfing boards. Since its inception, PC2 has consistently graced the podiums of major events such as Luderitz and DefiWind. His profound expertise in carbon made him the ideal acquirer of the Chopperfins brand.

The Chopper fins are now manufactured in France. Technical precision and reproductibility are guaranteed, and even improved, with new processes and especially a complete monitoring of all cure sequencies.

As you will see above, Phil Carbon also works on new products as asymetrical speed and antiweed fins.

"We are extremely happy with how our full range of fins is performing. We won races at many different levels of our sport, from the IFCA Youth, Nationals Championships, to the very top level at the PWA World Tour."
Ludo Jossin


Our fins are 100% handmade in France.  To assure an exacting standard and built, we use high performance carbon fibers prepreg still provided by Ludo Jossin.

We are proud to say that we design and manufacture the molds in our own workshop using CNC machines that we have designed and fabricated ourselves.

Intensive testing on the water, competition feedback and pro sailors helped to validate the layups for the final production blades.

State of the art carbon fibers and resins were developed to reach what has now become our quality standard.

Our aim is to offer the best performing fin that will fit the rider-gear combo to suit the sailing conditions. In this optic our range is constituted with six models: ChC Slalom – DW DefiWind – Speed Sym – Speed Asy – Freestyle – Anti-weed

Our fins are now 100% made in France and we design and manufacture the molds in our own workshop using CNC machines.
Phil Carbon

CHC Slalom

Swelly, side to on shore conditions.

When the sea has swells and is choppy you are hardly ever at your top speed and it takes a lot of energy from your legs to do so. To go fast you need an easy controllable, effortless fin that takes you through the choppy sections with control but that offers you a lot of acceleration whenever you hit those flat sections or when you can get the swell/waves. The ChC makes the board sit very balanced high from nose to tail riding over the chop. It provides the board a very easy railly trim as well. ChC  brings an incredible and totally new lift feeling that automatically brings the gear into a very high foiling position and the board on the rail.

Slalom Fins Range

Available from 26 up to 54cm every 0.5 cm, Our specialised fin range is constituted by 3 families, small, medium and large fins that match the three wind range categories of race boards; small, medium and large.

DW DefiWind

At Chopper Fins we are always aiming for excellence, we are never satisfied and we have a nonstop RnD program running all year long to improve our fins. Our goal was to develop a fin for the Mythical DefiWind event in Gruissan, in the South of France. It is one of the hardest and most tune sensitive races around the world. If you are not comfortable you can forget about having a good result and you will not enjoy the race but suffer. A very windy and flat water location would make you think that everything would work but that’s far from correct.

We had in our mind certain characteristics that we wanted to cover with our new design:

  • Big wind range
  • Easiness for long runs
  • Easiness in chop: generated further into the sea if you want to start at the pin, by the strong wind, and by the big fleet.
  • Ability to point upwind: sometimes if the wind shifts one tack might be easy and the other one gets too tight, so you need to have a solid upwind angle, without losing speed. Most of the time you need to point to get close to the beach to get the flatter water and not to sail below the whole fleet coming on the other side. So, if you want to have the best start you need to go to the pin, after that you need upwind grip.
  • Good and easy power: when sailing around 1000 windsurfers the wind can be very gusty so a constant easy power to get you through the dirty wind is very important. And an easy feel to go on the strong when going on the clean wind.

A lot of prototypes where tested on locations with offshore conditions only like Gruissan, Almanarre with east wind, Bonnaire and Mauritius. But more important, Ludo Jossin made several trips to Gruissan to test at the very exact place where the Defi Wind happens. Many prototypes were given to The Team and different level sailors at the location of the Defi to test. The results were outstanding and the main feedback was that finally bigger sailors were getting super high speeds on both tacks, no matter if the wind was getting a bit square. Also the comfort was very good and you could go on forever on one run without getting tired.

Now the Chopper ChC fin is matured to a level it fits almost all circumstances from flat water to hardcore Fuerteventura PWA events, The Chopper DW is primary targeted at heavy sailors on offshore and super flat locations. So if this fits your requirements, please contact us for more information.


In line with our ongoing R&D efforts and leveraging unique expertise, we aimed to create a range of symmetrical and asymmetrical speed fins for 2024.

First target already reached : Vincent Valkenaers won the 2024 World Championship at La Palme, Prince of Speed !

The explicit goal is to pursue the world record hunt at Luderitz in November 2024.

Employing the same prepreg carbon technology and specific profiles tested through software and by our riders, the 2023 prototypes have already surpassed the 50-knot mark!

Let’s bet that 2024 will hear about this new fin!


Fin co-developed with Steven Van Broeckhoven and the first on the market in prepreg technology!

The prepreg carbon technology gives this fin an incredible precision in its construction.

Its special profile provides incredible responsiveness and outstanding acceleration, enabling you to pull off the most daring moves.

This fin has won lots of international and PWA podiums.

All our tuttle heads are made of carbon/epoxy, which makes them extremely strong, unlike heads molded in PU resin.


The Chopper expertise combined with pre-impregnated carbon technology propels this anti-weed fin to the top of its category.

Uncompromising sampling ensures performance in all sailing conditions.

Excellent planing start, outstanding upwind ability, lightning-fast accelerations, and unrestricted speed.

With this little gem, you’ll feel like you’re sailing with a slalom fin, not an anti-weed fin.

You will be able to choose the rake, allowing a navigation in heavily weeded waters without compromising performance wherever you are riding.

Undoubtedly the best anti-weed fin on the market! 


1st 2014 Warsaw PWA Indoor Windsurfing World Cup Men’s Freestyle & 2nd Men’s Slalom
2018 9th Fuerteventura Freestyle
2016 6th Fuerteventura
2015 ranked 4th overall, 3rd Fuerteventura, 9th Mondial Du Vent, PWA World Cup, Leucate
2012 5th Podersdorf Surf World Cup
2011 9th place PWA Surf World Cup Podersdorf
2010 ranked 7th overall PWA Freestyle
2008 ranked 8th overall PWA Freestyle
2007 ranked 8th Freestyle
6th King of the Caribbean 2003
1st London Indoor, Men’s Freestyle 2005


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