Passion come true.

The brand Chopper Fins was created by Ludo Jossin, a now retired former professional windsurfer, back in 2012 in Tarifa.. His vision is to supply the best performing windsurfing fins on the market that would suit any kind of rider, racer or board. The company’s latest blades show incredible performances around the PWA race circuit with our team using these enigmatic blue covers.

As Tarifa is one of the best laboratories to develop, test and produce these products, we constantly work on the R & D of our fins involving the best slalom riders on the scene, using innovative materials and construction techniques.

Ludo´s background as a 30 year veteran and passionate windsurfer who was a top 10 PWA rider and podium finisher, who went on to become a slalom sails developer for several years and a desire to provide a quality product with guaranteed consistency over the professionally handmade, custom built product, all made in our production plant in Tarifa. . “Our products are 100% handmade and to an exacting standard and built with high performance carbon fibres/resins and coupled with high precision CNC fabricated alloy moulds designed by a windsurfing engineer.”


Fast alone, further together.

alex_roundALEX COUSIN

Sail Nº: F752
DoB: 29.03.1989
Hight: 187
Weight: 80kg
Home spot: Carnac

PWA 4TH foil ranking.
Winner Lancelin ocean classic 2018.
Formula Windsurfing WORLD CHAMPION 2016
Vice French champion Slalom 2016
14th PWA slalom ranking 2015
17th PWA slalom ranking 2014
Vice world champion formula 2008
French youth champion 2006


Sail Nº: ARG3
Age: 36
Hight: 181
Weight: 85kg
Home spot: Tarifa

2nd PWA Sylt 2016
7th PWA Slalom World Ranking 2016
Formula World Champion 2015

pascal_round PASCAL TOSELLI

Sail Nº: F916
Age: 31
Hight: 187
Weight: 100,5kg
Home spot: Le Jai

5th PWA slalom 2014
11th PWA slalom 2016
15th PWA slalom 2015
2015 French Champion
2x 2nd au Defi-wind 2010/2004


Sail Nº: F14
DoB: 27
Hight: 187
Weight: 92kg
Home spot: Port La Nouvelle


2xVice World Champion – World Cup Slalom PWA – Annual ranking 2016/2015
3rd Worldwide – World Cup Slalom PWA – Annual ranking 2014
2 X Winner of the “DEFI WIND” (1200 competitors) – 2010 – 2015
3 x Young World Champion – 2006 – 2008 – 2011
5 X French Champion – 2006 – 2007 – 2010 – 2011 – 2014


Sail Nº: GPE44
DoB: 23.12.1993
Hight: 193
Weight: 94kg
Home spot: Guadeloupe

10th Slalom PWA World Tour 2018
4th PWA JAPAN 2018
4th PWA Costa Brava 2018
3rd French championship Slalom 2016
2 x PWA Youth World Champion
2 x Youth French Champion
4th PWA Turkey 2015
18th PWA Overall 2015


Sail Nº: F823
Age: 26
Hight: 179
Weight: 87kg
Home spot: La Rochelle

1st – Winner of the European Formula Windsurfing tour 2013
1st – Winner of the European Formula Windsurfing tour 2012
5th Deffi Wind 2014

ludovic_jossin_b LUDO JOSSIN

Sail Nº: E12
Age: 41
Hight: 180
Weight: 85kg
Home spot: Tarifa

Ranked 10th PWA Slalom 2012
3rd PWA Sylt 2012
4th PWA Vietnam 2011
Overall French Champion 2009
Overall Spanish Champion 2008/2009

Sail Nº: TUR 33
DoB: 28.2.1989
Hight: 165
Weight: 63kg
Home spot: Ortakent

1 x PWA Indoor World Champion (2014)
3 x PWA Vice World Championship (2014-2016-2018)
2 x PWA World Championship 3rd Place (2013-2015)
5 x Youth National Champion (2003-2008)
8 x Womens National Champion (2009-2017
Overall French Champion 2009
Overall Spanish Champion 2008/2009


Sail Nº: Aut 66
DoB: 30.04.1986
Hight: 185
Weight: 92kg
Home spot: Lake Traun

1st Sylt 2017
4th New Caledonia 2017


Our products are 100% handmade and to an exacting standard and built with high performance carbon fibres and resins and coupled with high precision CNC fabricated alloy moulds designed by a windsurfing engineer.

Intensive testing on the water, competition feedback and pro sailors helped to validate the layups for the final production blades.

State of the art carbon fibers and resins were developed to reach what has now become our quality standard.


Our aim is to offer the best performing fin that will fit the rider-gear combo to suit the sailing conditions. In this optic our range is constituted with two models: ChC and DW.

ChC: Swelly, side to on shore conditions.

When the sea has swells and is choppy you are hardly ever at your top speed and it takes a lot of energy from your legs to do so. To go fast you need an easy controllable, effortless fin that takes you through the choppy sections with control but that offers you a lot of acceleration whenever you hit those flat sections or when you can get the swell/waves. The ChC makes the board sit very balanced high from nose to tail riding over the chop. It provides the board a very easy railly trim as well.
ChC: brings an incredible and totally new lift feeling that automatically brings the gear into a very high foiling position and the board on the rail.

DW: Small fins, evolution, introducing the DW (Defi Win) model.

We are extremely happy with how our full range of fins has performed in ’17. We won races at many different levels of our sport, from the IFCA Youth, Nationals Championships, to the very top level at the PWA World Tour.

Always, at Chopper Fins we want excellence, we are never satisfied and we have a nonstop RnD program running all year long to improve our fins.

For ’18 one of our new goals was to develop a fin for the Mythical Defi Wind event in Gruissan, south of France. One of the hardest and most tune sensitive races around the world. If you are not comfortable you can forget about having a good result and you will not enjoy the race but suffer for kms…

A very windy and flat water location would make you think that everything would work but that’s far from correct.

We had in our mind certain characteristics that we wanted to cover with our new design:

  • Big wind range
  • Easiness for long runs
  • Easiness in chop: generated further into the sea if you want to start at the pin, by the strong wind, and by the big fleet.
  • Ability to point upwind: sometimes if the wind shifts one tack might be easy and the other one gets too tight, so you need to have a solid upwind angle, without losing speed. Most the time you need to point to get close to the beach to get the flatter water and not to sail below the whole fleet coming on the other side. So, if you want to have the best start you need to go to the pin, after that you need upwind grip.
  • Good and easy power: when sailing around 1000 windsurfers the wind can be very gusty so a constant easy power to get you through the dirty wind is very important.  And an easy feel to go on the strong when going on the clean wind.

Protos were not only tested in Tarifa, also in Fuerteventura during the ’17 PWA event.

Most important, Ludo Jossin, Chopperfins owner/designer/tester made several trips to Gruissan to test at the very exact place where the Defi Wind happens. No better test than that.

Many protos were given to The Team and different level sailors at the location of the Defi to test. The results were outstanding and the main feedback was that finally, sailors were getting super high speeds on both tacks, no matter if the wind was getting a bit square. And  the comfort was very good and you could go forever on one run without getting tired.

After this excellent feedback from the South of France, we tested this design on super strong and in slalom format back in Tarifa and we were surprised that the fin was working excellent on hardcore water conditions and at slalom racing format as well. Had great acceleration and had a super nice trim to shoot for speed over the hardcore chop.

At the end, when you are looking for your high wind fin you always need control and comfort, and the DW has plenty of both!!!!

DW is available from 25 up to 40 every 5mm, full carbon tuttle box, blakstriped.


Available from 26 up to 54cm every 0.5 cm, each fin is handmade layup with a very high consistency of quality production, built with the highest quality carbon and resins components available.

Our specialised fin range is constituted by 3 families, small, medium and large fins that match the three wind range categories of race boards; small, medium and large.

Small: 28 to 34

Strong wind sailing, is most of all a control matter, keeping the board low and on trim is the key to be efficient into rough waters. Our Small fins bring a great lateral balance coupled to a total trim control to perform against the elements. You can then only focus on your sailing and forget the equipment.


Medium: 35 to 41

The Mediums have unlimited speed, you will be surprise how all of the sudden, on this fin you will want more and more wind as the board hardly ever looses trim. You can go through chop, wakes or heavy gusts without having to adjust your stance and without loosing any trim.

When the wind goes down it still offers you a great upwind performance and back foot trust, you can push hard and it will never loose trim.

It is very aligned with the rest of the range providing this high nose to tail trim with an effortless railly trim whenever you need to.


Large: 42 to 52

Key tool for light wind performances, a great fin will give you the power for early planing, blistering acceleration out of the jibe or the starting line and at top speed to reach the first mark or win speed tests. Our big fins are PWA approved with podium finishes and races wins! Most of the riders who experienced the Large Chopper Fins during races or free sailing have the same  feedback: it makes the board sit very balanced high from nose to tail riding over the chop. It provides the board a very easy railly trim as well.


This fins size selector is a guide to adjust your selection to match to your equipment and choose the right fin size. Regarding your weight, windsurfing style and level you can better adjust your choices.

N E W S   B L O G

News Tweet #005

Introducing the ultimate slalom weapon: “Chopperfins DW”

We are extremely happy with how our full range of fins has performed in ’17. We won races at many different levels of our sport, from the IFCA Youth, nationals championships and very top level at the PWA World Tour.

News Tweet #004

Ludo Jossin is the new 2017 Masters Vice World Champion,

after some intense racing during the IFCA Worlds in Almanarre. 7 races were completed into medium to strong winds.
With the Slalom 42 rules and 7.0/110L board as smaller gear, it´s been sometimes challenging to old it together. Ludo used most of the time 7.8 and 7.0 Sailloft Ultimate, Patrik Airinside 110 with 37 ChC ChopperFins.
For rough conditions, 7.0/110L Airinside, 34,5 and 35 ChC would give huge control and speed to hold some of the other racers using 6.3 and 95L boards.

News Tweet #003

Alexandre Cousin is the New 2016 Formula World Champion!

Alex took the Formula World tittle in Terceira, Portugal after dominating the whole championship. Bravo!!

News Tweet #002

news_004Pierre Mortefon – World number 2.

Pierre takes another second overall on the PWA World tour after an outstanding season! We Wish him all the best for 2017 with more victories!!

News Tweet #001

news_003Congratulations to Gonzalo Costa Hoevel!

Gonzalo finished 2nd at the SYLT PWA 2016 winning the last race of the season using a Chopper Fins 46 he tested some days before the event in Tarifa. Congratulations and welcome to the TEAM!


A board´s wake doesn´t last long, write us a line. 



Alex, Pascou, Valoo, JP, JC, Gonzo
Christophe BIPBIP Michel, Chantal Dusale


Ivana Dachy (Workshop), PWA/John Carter (Action), Ludovic Franco (Studio)


S-Bay Engineering, Bjorn BDdesign, Malric Constelation Composites, Pete King
Patrick Noiclerc, Benoit Battarel, Pieter”Spritzer” Bartlema, Bieuzy, NINI